The Pugs Have Launched.
The Cosmic Sausage Heist Begins!

Join the Pugs in their crazy adventures across the galaxy. There’ll be rumbles, grumbles and lots of fumbles.

Floating Pugs

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Have you ever wondered what spacefaring pugs get up to on their wild adventures. Come and find out with our comics.

The pugs Ron and Lola

How Pugs in Space Came to Be

The inspiration for Pugs in Space are the two crazy pooches, Ron and his very good pal Lola. They’re a couple of rescue pugs who were brought together by their human mum who likes pugs.


The Pugs Have Teamed Up
With Danger Mouse

The team behind Pugs in Space received an amazing opportunity to design the Danger Mouse 40th Anniversary comic.

Pugs dressed as Danger Mouse and Penfold