Here’s the first in a series of development work compared to the finished article, with author notes revealing some of the inspirations behind the scenes.

No 1: The Chase Scene On Bonio 5.

Not sure who’s driving in the original sketch but Major Ron takes charge by the time they flee. Dr Ted’s “Predilection for high velocities” quote comes directly from the Data / B4 character in Star Trek Nemesis played by Brent Spiner who says the same thing to a speeding Jean-Luc Picard (played by Patrick Stewart). No, it’s not stolen, it’s an homage!

Tim Southwell

I love how Major Ron keeps getting irritated at Dr Ted continually referring to him as ‘Captain’ as opposed to ‘Major’, so much so that his Bonio 5 rant about ‘respect and the good old days’, blind-sides him to impending doom…

I also love the three panels on page two where Fat Cat’s revved up maniacs get closer and closer to the pugs, with the final panel revealing some proper Whacky Races style weaponry.

Cartoon scene from the Pugs in Space comic issue 01
Cartoon scene from the pugs in space issue 01
Cartoon scene from the pugs in space issue 01