How Taser became Taser… Taser…

The third pug in space proved to be quite elusive…

Original character design sketches for Taser
Taser proved to be quite a tricky customer to create. We wanted her to be edgier than Lola and even more of a nuisance for Major Ron. Jay spent a lot of hours getting her just right,
Further character design sketches for Taser
We went back and forth with various looks. We knew for some reason that she had to be a space Uber driver, someone who drifts all over the universe looking for fares and accidentally getting into trouble along the way. Her real ambition is to one day meet the Pugs In Space. Her absolute dream is to team up with them on one of their intrepid crusades.
Design sketches for Taser's cab/uber
Taser’s Uber ride. Inspired by the Delorian from Back To the Future and a lot of other stuff going on in Jay’s head!
Character design sketches and outfits for Taser
She’s coming along nicely but she’s not quite right…
Almost final draft of Taser's character design
Still not quite there. She looks a bit too cutesy pie, not quite daft enough.
The final cartoon character design for Taser the pug
There she is! Absolutely spot on. Green and white sneakers on, she’s ready for action. And she looks just like Ernest Borgnine…
At your service, Major Ron!!
Cartoon image of Taser when she's angry

But if you cross her…….