Pugs in Space: The story behind the scene #3

No #3

Departure From The Thirsty Hound

Sketchbook page of the pugs leaving The Thirsty Hound scene from Pugs in Space Issue 01.

U.S.S. Weiner takes off from The Thirsty Hound in pursuit of sausages. If you look closely you can make out a small yellow figure hurrying to a space craft.

Final comic scene of the pugs leaving the Thirsty Hound from pugs in space issue 01.

All is revealed a few pages later when the pugs come under fire on Bonio 5.

Zoomed in version of the final design of the pugs in space leaving the thirsty hound from pugs in space issue 01. Features new character Taser.

The introduction of a third pug, Taser, a Pugs In Space fan and wannabe…

Introduction of new character Taser from the pugs in space issue 01

To the rescue in her space Uber, it’s Taser who blows the aggressors away and allows Major Ron and Lieutenant Lola to make a narrow escape.

New character Taser the uber driving space pug from issue 01 of the pugs in space comic.

And here she is. Life on board U.S.S. Weiner will never be the same.

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