Pugs in Space Comic Issue 01 reprint has landed

To celebrate our recent partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital, we have commissioned a new print run of Pugs in Space comic 01 (comic 02 is currently with the art department – very exciting!). Below are some more sketches of work in progress for Issue 02, Cosmic Carnage.

Pugs in Space Comic Issue 01 physical copy on a desk.
Sketches of dinosaurs for Pugs in Space Comic Issue 02.
Sketch of Pablo Escobark after being introduced to Lieutenant Lola for Issue 02.
Introducing Pablo Escobark, who has just been introduced to Lieutenant Lola…
Sketch of the Pugs and Ted choosing costumes to go under cover for Pugs in Space Comic Issue 02.
Choose your costume. The pugs and Ted select outfits as they go under cover on the mystery planet…
Character design sketch of Pablo Escabark for Issue 02.
Pablo Escobark. Is he all that?…

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