Pugs in Space Comic Issue 02 is coming soon!

Issue 01 of our new comic book Pugs In Space sees the pugs hurtling out of control through space heading for a crash landing on a strange planet. It’s a brand new comic in the making and they are going to be encountering some pretty strange new characters.

Say hello to Pablo Escobark, the Trash Pandas and a host of animals thought to be extinct! Many questions are arising:

Pablo Escobark

1): Are they actually that bothered about retrieving the sausages?…. They seem to take any opportunity to get distracted in a completely different direction.

2): Is Lieutenant Lola about to find true love?

Character sketch design of the trash pandas coming soon to pugs in space comic issue 02.

The Trash Pandas

3): Is Pablo Escobark all he’s cracked up to be?

4): Has Taser reached the end of her tether trying to get respect from the other pugs?

Character sketch design of Lieutenant Lola in her Nomad costume change for issue 02.

Lola goes under cover

5) Has PAL 3000 got a screw loose and is about to become some kind of electronic deviant?

Character sketch of Major Ron in his Nomad costume change for issue 02 of the pugs in space comic.

Major Ron goes under cover

Everything will become clear when issue 02 Cosmic Carnage hits the streets. Or at least the website’s merchandise page.

Pugs in Space Issue 02 front cover design.

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