Pugs in Space in the Express

The Daily Express newspaper yesterday ran a marvellous article on our intrepid pugs in space.

Screenshot of the Daily Express article about Pugs in Space
This follows a great few weeks of local and national press all about the Pugs including features in The Evening Argus, Team Dogs and Lindfield Life.

It’s just this kind of spontaneous publicity that could get the attention of a pleasant individual with a load of cash who wants to help make Pugs In Space The Musical a reality. Or at least a full length feature film about the pugs intrepid quest to rescue the world’s disappearing sausages. Seriously, we’re making strides to get Pugs In Space on the big screen. And then on the small screen TV in your home. And then onto the smaller screen which could be your iPad, iPhone or android equivalent.

Currently in the works is Jurassic Bark, episode two of our incredible story. Stay tuned for more updates on this. Also in development is the Pawshank Redemption, episode three, which we are currently running a drawing competition for. In which you can submit your own design for an alien that may end up being featured in Issue 03. More information available here!

Screenshot of the Argus article about Pugs in Space

A very big thanks to @hannahHastings031993 and Ellie Smitherman @e_smitherman

Click link to read the full Express article.

If you are interested in writing a feature about Pugs in Space and our upcoming second Issue – Jurassic Bark, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Creators Tim Southwell and Jason Measures are available for interview and comment on all the exciting news and goings-on here at Pugs in Space HQ!

Screenshot of Team Dogs article about Pugs in Space

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