Pugs In Space Comic Books

The Pugs In Space Comic Books start with Issue 01, in which the world’s sausages are disappearing and it’s up to the pugs to rescue them. The President calls on Major Ron and Lola to save the world & their sausages. So, the pugs head into space on a mission where they meet various characters on the way. The issue ends with the pugs meeting the evil fat cat and the resistance… will they escape fat cat’s army?

Issue 02, Jurassic Bark, is nearly ready for the printers! Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect from Pugs In Space, as Major Ron, Lieutenant Lola and Dr Ted attempt to go about this strange new planet without drawing attention to themselves.

First stop is the ‘How to go about your business on a strange planet undetected’ costume room. There are various options including everything from a simple shoal to draw across your face to the David Bowie Glam-Rock Space Oddity Experience. Which outfit will each Canine Federation Explorer opt for?

Readers may also be wondering exactly what is that little golf bone necklace Ron is often seen wearing? Does Major Ron’s necklace hold a clue to the pugs tracking down the missing sausages? Is it a symbol of something significant from his past? Could Ron be some kind of cosmic deity, or some kind of canine royalty? All will be revealed…

Fast-forwarding to issue 03, Major Ron, Lieutenant Lola and Dr Ted are, for some reason, now in a jail on an asteroid. Unfortunately, things don’t go well at first for the pugs. Their claims of innocence are shouted down by the nasty warden, Samuel Newfoundland. Things are no better for Dr Ted as he frequently gets ambushed by an unsavoury character called Bogs and his fellow robot cats. 

To purchase a copy of the comic click here, but if you’re more intrigued and are wanting to know more then click here for more on issue 02 and for sneak peaks of issue 03 click here.

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