After seeing all of your lovely submissions to our contest, we got inspired to give you guys more of a chance to get creative! And so we have released DIY colouring pages from Issue 1 of Pugs In Space! Colour in your favourite Pugs and all the patrons from the Thirsty Hound in any colour or texture you like. We’d love to see all of your finished pages, so please send them to our Instagram, we’ll even post Lola’s favourites.

Spoiler alert she’ll love them all!

[To download right click or tap and hold on the page you want to colour, then select “Save As” or “Download Image” this will allow you to save the page ready for printing or inserting into your preferred editing app!]

Colour the pugs!
Can you spot Tazer?

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To find out where these amazing illustrations originated click here !

Written by James Baker