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Earth 2055, hotdogs, cocktails, bratwurst and even Richmonds are being abducted from people’s sarnies all across the globe; The Prez – at the end of his tether – reacts badly to the suggestion they turn their attention to Quorn. (My human tried to feed me one of them, had me fooled…)
(Damn it Lola not now!)
This calamity cannot be tolerated, The Prez called in the big guns, I mean pugs. The Pugs In Space

Major Ron and his.. special Lieutenant Lola are on the scent! Tasked with finding the world’s missing supply of sausages, they are forced to enlist the help of a labradoodle android named Dr Ted and a janitor to clean up Lola’s accident to assist them in their meaty mystery.

After a quick stop for a pint at the Thirsty Hound, some fishy information and a run in with the rover Resistance led by Meat-Hook Milo, our heroes find themselves responding to a distress call from a fellow pup and as Major Ron likes to remind us (As it clearly states in the Maritime space Law Handbook we have to respond!) 

After a Taylor Swift session was rudely interrupted we find out that they had been duped by the fanged fiend Fat cat. Stopping at nothing…. maybe some catnip.. the evil overlord chases our brave canines into the darkness of space. 

With Fat Cat hot on their tiny tails on board the – self proclaimed – ‘impenetrable’ Claw 3000, up into the deep dark abyss of space Captain Ron  (‘it’s major actually’) and Lieutenant Lola embark on their perilous mission. Will the mischievous Fat Cat catch our perky pugs? Will our heroes find the Cumberland treasure? What will Lola break next?

Find out in Issue 02 of… Pugs In Space! Avaliable for pre-order now! at:

Issue 02 Pugs In Space Cover


The pugs in space, Dr Ted and honorary member Taser are hurtling out of control in the depths of space! Fat Cat’s Claw 3000 has done some serious damage to the coveted U.S.S Weiner, they’ll have to crash land on that unfamiliar planet. Populated by… Trash Pandas?! Led by the gangster Pablo Escobark, they’re in some serious muck now!

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Written by James Baker