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How did the makers of Pugs In Space end up creating a celebratory bookazine for Danger Mouse? Well, the lovely people at The River Group and Boat Rocker asked us to get involved. And, to be fair, we were all over it like the proverbial rats up drainpipes.

Here’s the Ed’s letter for this amazing publication:

As kids (graphic artist Jay and I) we’d excitedly run home from school, rustle up a nice cup of tea, grab a packet of Jaffa Cakes and sit down to watch Danger Mouse. When that classic, jaunty, patriotic theme tune started up, it was like a call to action.

Your head was immediately spinning with excitement – the lads were about to take us on another bonkers, surreal and hilarious adventure as they bid to thwart the evil Baron Silas Greenback’s latest attempt to cover the world in custard or something. I guess you could say that we’re first generation uber- fans.

So when the call came, we just shouted ‘Yes!’ without even knowing exactly what we were being asked to do. The nature of the task ahead of us was irrelevant, if there was a chance of being a part of celebrating 40 years of service to Queen and country by the stoic white mouse with an eye patch and his bumbling sidekick Penfold, we were in.

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What we have effectively created with this sumptuous bookazine is an 84-page love letter to the creators of Danger Mouse: Brian Cosgrove, Mark Hall, Brian Trueman . And, of course, the wonderful actors who brought DM and Penfold to life, Sir David Jason and Terry Scott. In this book you will find classic episodes revisited, new scenarios created, a brand new episode, puzzles, quizzes, interviews with all the main Danger Mouse figureheads and much more.

Buy the 40th Anniversary Bookazine here!

I have no idea what exactly made Danger Mouse the most loved and watched kids TV show at the time. Maybe it was the beautifully nonsensical idea that a small white mouse with an eye patch could be a secret agent in the first place. Maybe it was the way Penfold’s glasses wobbled up and down whenever he was surprised. Maybe it was the lovable, loyal, laugh-a-minute, Laurel and Hardy-esque relationship between the two.

They were our unlikely heroes and we rooted for them as they navigated their way through the perpetual maze of evil booby-traps laid for them by Greenback and his goons. Whatever the reasons we loved Danger Mouse, we just did. And we still do.

During the creation of this book I’ve watched every episode of the original series. I found myself giggling like I did when I was 10, and I found myself marvelling at the great writing and brilliant acting that went into each and every episode. Happy birthday DM and here’s to another… What’s that, Penfold? No, you’re not chopped liver, happy birthday Penfold too!

Tim Southwell Editor-In-Chief

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