Wow! What an experience!

What an adventure that was, although it was hard work at times, the Pugs In Space crew loved every minute of our first Comic-con. The venue was awesome, Kensington Olympia is a great place for the exciting events of the weekend, the building is beautiful and very spacious, easily fitting all of the amazing stands!

Speaking of the stands, there was so many really cool stores to visit, the people were lovely and great to talk to. We learnt so much about Comic-con just by talking to the vendor, they were so helpful and more than happy to share their knowledge of the event so we could make the most of it.

From Doctor Who to a 7ft tall Chewbacca, your costumes were incredible! You guys put so much thought and effort into them that at times I thought we were being visited by the actual characters.


We loved talking to all of you and hearing your stories and thank you so much to everyone that stopped by our stand and chatted to us! We really appreciate your time and your intrigue with Pugs In Space.

So the big question… Will we go again? Absolutely, we’ll see you there!

That’s all from us for now but if you’d like to hear/ see more from our first experience at Comic-con then make sure to visit our social media pages! And while youre there how about a cheeky follow?




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Written by James Baker