pugs in space comic book competition winner


We would like to give a massive thank you to each and everyone that entered our alien drawing competition! We Loved seeing all your lovely and wacky creations, there are future artists in all of you. However we had to make a very hard decision and choose from the amazing pool of aliens to feature in our issue 3 comic, we just about managed to pick three although there were many runners up!

And so we would like to honour these fantastic creations by showing off them first and foremost!

In no particular order:

Shreeik – Amy Lee Jefferis (Age 12)

An angry, fierce and hungry alien which feasts on souls.

Theodore Pickle – Ania Groborz-Manu (age 14)

Theodore Pickle, he’s bursting with colour and personality. He loves to laze around lying in the sun which gives him his colour. His favourite drink is Blurb which is an orange drink as seen from dripping down his mouth. It works like coffee and gives him energy to get up and be productive. His plant’s name is Plurckle and he lives alone on his own piece of land but is very well known around his planet.

Falcon – Amy Jin (age 14)

Blib and bob – Keira Massie (age 15)

Conjoined alien twins that were fused together by an unknown force of nature as a result of not getting along. So now they have to do everything together and learn to get along.

Super Queen Ivy – Ivy-Rae berry (age 4)

Highly sensitive information, regarding this one and such is CLASSIFIED.

Don’t see your name? Do not fear, we saw your submission too and will add all entries to an Alien Gallery  in issue 3! So your alien will too feature.

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the winners!

1. Squid – a – tron : Luca Magudia (age 10)

Squid-a-Tron is an alien bounty hunter. After escaping inter-galactic prison he worked for a weapon company. He ditched the job and stole a laser, which landed him in jail again. He has gone mad over years of being in jail.

2.  Nubai : Daniela Berrio (age 11)


On a stormy day, on the planet of Blooopio, a little alien was born. She was called Nubai. Throughout her whole childhood, she was neglected because of all the heads she has. The only person who helped Nubai was her companion Rollauskiiy, a little alien known because of his pear shape

One day, her mother decided to abandon her in the middle of a lake full of crackrucka, a vicious animal that feasted on Nubai species. But she managed to survive because of all the ideas her seven heads had. Each one thought so differently but always thought of saving Nubai, so she always had a solution for problems that may have come her way.

3. Aristo-alien-cat : Maebh Doman (age 13)

Code-name: ACE. The rest is CLASSIFIED

A big thank you again for all your amazing submissions, as I said before if you do not see your creation on this page you shall see it in Issue 3 in the Alien Gallery!




Written by James Baker