Our intrepid space astronaut leader takes you into his cosmic lecture hall to give you the inside track in interstellar integrations… In other words, he’s basically telling us what’s happening ‘up there’…

Major Ron’s Space Chronicle
Major Ron’s Space Chronicle, destined for some kind of astronomy literature award, surely

Starting from …soon…: Venus Closest to Saturn and Jupiter (after sunset, obviously…)

“Now look here, people. It’s time to stop fiddling with your smart phones and get out your cosmic binoculars… Phones? Pah! There’s nothing smart about them, have you ever seen a ‘smart’ phone on Mastermind? Or The Chase? Or even Tipping Point?? Of course you haven’t.
Anyway, on the evenings around Friday, December 17, the planet Venus will reach its minimum angular separation from Jupiter and Saturn.

Venus is is the brightest planet in the sky and is just slightly smaller than the earth

Because of this, you will be able to see those three bright planets as they share the southwestern sky after dusk — with bright Venus gleaming 31 degrees to the lower right (celestial west) of Jupiter, and somewhat fainter Saturn positioned midway between them. After tonight, Venus will swing sunward and pull away from Jupiter and Saturn.
See Dr Ted’s diagram below, it’s accurate to “the outer coating of a Friskie” according to Lieutenant Lola…that crazy space pug, obsessed with food as always. And so, in conclusion, keep your peepers peeled pugsters and good luck out there, we’re all depending on you…”

Over to Dr Ted and his dark-matter diagramola…

And then, on Sunday December 19th it’s the Oak Moon!

“Also referred to as the Cold Moon, the Long Nights Moon and, according to Lola, the Really Bonkers Looking Round Thing In The Sky… The December full moon will occur at 04:35 GMT on Sunday, December 19, which converts to 11:35 p.m. EST on Saturday evening. Whatever you choose to call it – my personal preference is the Long Nights Moon as that makes me sound cleverer – it always shines in or near the stars of Gemini.

“The native tribal population Ojibwe of the Great Lakes region in Canada (see how much extra stuff I like to give you?!) call the December full moon Manidoo Giizisoons, the “Little Spirit Moon”. For them it is a time of purification and of healing of all Creation. Since it’s opposite the sun on this day of the lunar month, the moon is fully illuminated and rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. Full moons during the winter months reach as high in the sky at midnight as the summer noonday sun, and cast similar shadows.”

There it is, Lola’s ‘Really bonkers looking round thing in the sky’…