Our Story

Good afternoon. This is Ron and his very good pal Lola. They’re a couple of rescue pugs who were brought together by their human mum who likes pugs.

Ron was living in Manchester originally but his family gave him too much cheese and he got fat. Plus they had a human baby and suddenly he was the spare part who’s name no one could remember. So they put Ron in a car and drove him down the M6 to a service station where he was handed over to his new mum.

She’s really nice even though she doesn’t let him have cheese whenever he wants. Still, he can’t complain, he can get up and down the stairs now, which is useful when he wants to get a bit of me-time away from frisky-drawers, Lola! As you can see from the photo above, she’s got separation anxiety issues.

Ron (right) and Lola wishing this box was full of crisps rather than Pugs In Space t-shirts…

Yes, this Lola character. There Ron was minding his own business getting all the attention and treats when this bonkers little pug turned up one day out of the blue and it was announced she was commandeering the right-hand side of the basket.

Their life on the whole is good, though. They get two hot meals a day (well, Royal Canin niblets) and as much sniff-time down the nature reserve as they like.

They’ve also got a third rescue-pug-pal, Lily, who we call Taser because, well, she’s just nuts. Meeting her for the first time is like being shocked by a police taser-thingy. This is her. Taser lives with their mum’s mum a few miles away but comes over for lots of sleepovers. And, believe me, after a day being chased around the place by Taser, you sleep like a pup.

See what I mean?

It was while Lola and Ron were watching the human actors Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the space film Gravity that we decided we should turn them into cartoon astronauts and send them into space in search of stolen sausages. They like sausages. A lot.

And they also like being astronauts. So they ended up being turned into cartoon characters and the next thing they knew they were hurtling into the Catosphere in their very own space ship, the U.S.S. Weiner.

This is how they look as cartoon pugs. That’s Ron at the back on the right (He’s ‘Major’ Ron whilst in space), with Lieutenant Lola next to him (looking as dreamy-eyed and clumsy as she is in real life!). And for some reason, Taser is in front making out she’s in charge or something. Which is a bit of a liberty seeing as she’s not even a real pug in space. She actually drives a space Uber for a living. Ah, well, she does come in useful as you will find out when you read the comic.

Ahoy hoy

So, join Major Ron, Lieutenant Lola and their unhinged pal Taser as they go where no pugs have (as far as we know) gone before… The Catosphere…

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Taser (left) and Lieutenant Lola (right) thinking about inter stellar cosmic showers…
The adventure
Here we go! Now then, let’s locate those sausages…