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Fat cat and the pugs
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Issue 03 is on its way!!

The Pawshank Redemption is in the works and here is a sneak peek Taser escaping from somewhere… Fat Cat has really let himself go…. New comic coming soon. Watch this space (comic book…) Lieutenant Lola and Taser pilfer champagne from Major Ron’s ‘secret’ stash…

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Here’s one we made earlier!

Kuhu Kacher (6) – from Lucknow, India, entered our ‘design an alien’ competition but Taser was in charge of the entries and she got distracted by some UFOs out of the window of her space Uber and somehow she misplaced it! But here it is in all its glory. Thanks Kuhu, great work!! The name …

pugs in space comic book competition winner
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Competition winners and runners up!

YOU ANSWERED OUR CALL! We would like to give a massive thank you to each and everyone that entered our alien drawing competition! We Loved seeing all your lovely and wacky creations, there are future artists in all of you. However we had to make a very hard decision and choose from the amazing pool …

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NEW! Major Ron’s Space Chronicle

Our intrepid space astronaut leader takes you into his cosmic lecture hall to give you the inside track in interstellar integrations… In other words, he’s basically telling us what’s happening ‘up there’… Starting from …soon…: Venus Closest to Saturn and Jupiter (after sunset, obviously…) “Now look here, people. It’s time to stop fiddling with your …