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Pugs in Space Comic Issue 02 is coming soon!

Issue 01 of our new comic book Pugs In Space sees the pugs hurtling out of control through space heading for a crash landing on a strange planet. It’s a brand new comic in the making and they are going to be encountering some pretty strange new characters. Say hello to Pablo Escobark, the Trash …

Pugs in space comic book first edition

Issue 01 – New Cover

We have just launched the new cover of Issue 01 to include the Great Ormond Street Hospital logo. Pugs in Space have teamed up with the Hospital to help raise money because of the amazing work they do for the children. They come together to achieve pioneering medical breakthroughs that change the lives of thousands …

Pugs in Space comic book partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital

Partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital

We are happy to announce the partnership of Pugs in Space with Great Ormond Street hospital! For every copy that you buy, we will be donating 50p to the charity PLUS 15% of all merchandise sales. Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is an international centre of excellence in child healthcare. “It was a no brainier …


Pugs in Space: The story behind the scene #2

No 2: The Thirsty Hound scene. No sooner have they been thrown off the International Space Station as a result of Lieutenant Lola’s inability to grasp the concept of a zero gravity lavatory, the pugs head straight to the pub for a rendevouz with a mysterious space-fish character who claims to know the whereabouts of …


Pugs in Space: The story behind the scene #1

Here’s the first in a series of development work compared to the finished article, with author notes revealing some of the inspirations behind the scenes. No 1: The Chase Scene On Bonio 5. Not sure who’s driving in the original sketch but Major Ron takes charge by the time they flee. Dr Ted’s “Predilection for …